What is SmartGridCity?

SmartGridCity is a technology pilot in Boulder, Colorado that allows us to explore smart-grid tools in a real-world setting. The goal of this pilot is to help determine:

  • Which energy-management and conservation tools our customers want and prefer
  • Which technologies are the most effective at improving the way we deliver power
  • How best to incorporate smart-grid technology into our business operations to improve efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and modernize the energy delivery system
  • How to roll out the most promising smart-grid components on a wider scale

As part of SmartGridCity, Xcel Energy has successfully installed approximately 23,000 automated smart electric meters in Boulder as part of a new era in electricity grid management.

What are the benefits to customers? Smart meters can:

  • Empower you to view usage in up to 15-minute increments via the My Account portal for better daily management and control over electricity use
  • Further reduce energy consumption that saves electricity and helps us reduce carbon emissions
  • Help Xcel Energy more quickly detect your power outages as they happen, resulting in quicker restoration of service
  • Collect energy usage data wirelessly, helping improve billing accuracy