Reduce-Your-Use Rebate Plan

The SmartGridCity pilot allows for the exploration of smart grid tools in a real-world setting. Your smart meter, My Account, and Pricing Plan all work together to help you understand more about your energy usage.

Your smart meter wirelessly transmits your energy use to Xcel Energy. This allows you to view detailed information (from 15-minute intervals to monthly and yearly comparisons) about your household electricity use in My Account. Understanding how and when you use electricity allows for informed choices in determining how to maximize the Peak Plus Plan.

Reduce-Your-Use Rebate customers pay the same rates as Tiered Rate customers- the standard rate structure for most Xcel customers. But Reduce-Your-Use Rebate customers also participate in Peak Energy Events (up to 15 times per year, during On Peak hours, between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. weekdays). During these Events, participants can earn up to 47¢ per kilowatt hour saved during summer months and 29¢ per kilowatt hour saved during non-summer months. Notifications go out a day in advance of a Peak Energy Event so you can plan to utilize less electricity. This plan encourages you to go to the next level of energy efficiency during On Peak hours.

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